Fixed Adobe CEF Helper High Memory or CPU Usage 8 Easy Steps

Adobe CEF Helper is a background process to render components by adobe creative cloud. However, the Adobe CEF Helper could consume a high CPU or Memory resources due to the missing adobe creative cloud components files.

Interference of third-party software, and among others. Even though it might not be from the adobe creative cloud, several other things can cause this issue.

Even if the adobe innovative cloud does now no longer run withinside the history, the problem can nevertheless cause because the Adobe CEF helper can run in an idle role to hold additives updated.

Before shifting out to the solution, we suggest taking a inspect the reasons, we’ve indexed a few reasons under:-

1. Corrupt System documents

The corrupt device documents can cause this problem as this problem might not be mainly from the Adobe Creative Cloud. Repairing the device documents would possibly assist.

2. Adobe Creative Cloud Might be Damaged

There is a danger that your Adobe Creative Cloud is damaged or broken, as a few customers have claimed that a damaged Creative Cloud reasons this problem. To keep away from this, both restore or reinstall the Creative Cloud.


3. Interference of Antivirus

High Memory utilization because of Adobe CEF Helper also can end result from needless interference from the third-celebration antivirus software program. You can strive disabling the antivirus software to repair this problem.

1. Repair Adobe Creative Cloud

The problem is maximum possibly to arise while the Adobe Creative Cloud documents are damaged or broken with the aid of using third-celebration applications.

Therefore, strive repairing Adobe Creative Cloud with the aid of using following the commands under are the stairs to repair this problem:

  • Download the Creative Cloud Uninstaller from the hyperlink in line with the Windows version
  • Right-click on the downloaded ZIP folder and click on Extract to “Creative_Cluoud_Uninstallerwin”
  • Navigate to the UNZIP folder and run the Creative Cloud Uninstaller
  • A brief Windows will pop up; click on Repair
  • Once done, take a look at if the Adobe CEF Helper nevertheless consumes excessive Memory utilization.

2. Kill The Task From the PowerShell

You might not be capable of repair this problem with the aid of using certainly cease-tasking Adobe CEF Helper, as this system will run routinely even in case you cease-undertaking the system.

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However, as soon as you’ve got got repaired the adobe innovative cloud, you’ll be capable of cease undertaking the system through PowerShell.

Follow the stairs:

  • Press the Windows Key and kind PowerShell ‘at first
  • Secondly Right-click on the PowerShell and click on Run As Administrator
  • Now replica the subsequent command line and paste it into the PowerShell terminal
  • After that, your CPU or Memory utilization won’t use with the aid of using the Adobe CEF Helper.

3. Disable Launch Creative Cloud At Login

If the problem has now no longer been resolved, you may uncheck the choice known as Launch Creative Cloud At Login, in order to save you the Creative Cloud from beginning on the startup.

However, it won’t disable the procedures which can be required with the aid of using the Creative Cloud. As according to the affected customers, disabling the Creative Cloud at login has constant their problem.

Therefore, observe the stairs to do that:

  • Click the Settings from the pinnacle proper
  • Go to Preference and click on the General
  • Unstick Launch Creative Cloud at Login
  • Restart your laptop to test if the problem persists.

You also can save you the Adobe CEF Helper from jogging with the aid of using disabling the Adobe Creative Cloud system on the startup.

After disabling Creative Cloud, you’ll now no longer see the Adobe CEF Helper withinside the Task Manager except you release the Creative Cloud or its additives. Below are the stairs to disable Adobe CEF Helper the startup.

  • Open Task Manager with the aid of using urgent Ctrl + Shift + Esc
  • Go to Startup from the pinnacle
  • Select Adobe Creative Cloud and click on Disable
  • Now restart your laptop to test if the problem is resolved.

4. Perform a Clean Boot

If the above approach did now no longer assist repair this problem, strive disabling all of the needless offerings at the side of the third-celebration programs with the aid of using acting a easy boot.

A system used to diagnose which third-celebration programs are inflicting the problem. In this case, we don’t want to diagnose any application. However, we want to disable all of the applications that aren’t important for booting Windows, consisting of Adobe Creative Cloud and its procedures.

  • To carry out a easy boot, press the Win + R to release Run Program
  • In the hunt field, kind msconfig withinside the field and hit Enter
  • Select the Selective Startup, then visit Services
  • Check the Hide All Microsoft Services and click on Disable All at first
  • Secondly click on Apply and click on OK
  • Restart your laptop to test if the problem is constant.

5. Disable Third-Party Antivirus

The problem can both be resulting from the third-celebration antivirus software program as it could warfare with the Adobe CEF Helper, that may motive excessive Memory or CPU utilization.

Hence, strive disabling the third-celebration antivirus temporarily. Below are the stairs to disable third-celebration antivirus:

  • Right-click on in your antivirus from the lowest proper tray
  • Hover the mouse on Avast Shields Control
  • Click Disable For 10 Minutes
  • Once done, take a look at if the problem is constant.

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8. Reinstall Adobe Creative Cloud App

If neither of the answers worked, the very last alternative you may strive is to reinstall Adobe Creative Cloud, as it’d repair this problem. According to numerous customers, reinstalling Adobe Creative Cloud can assist.


Follow the stairs to reinstall Adobe Creative Cloud: To uninstall Adobe Creative Cloud, you ought to first uninstall all of the Adobe software program. To do that:

  • Open the Adobe Creative Cloud and beneath Neath installed
  • Click the 3 dots at the proper aspect of the application
  • Then, click on Uninstall, then click on Remove
  • Once done, visit Settings > Apps
  • Locate Adobe Creative Cloud, then click on Uninstall

Adobe CEF Helper [FAQs]

What is Adobe CEF helper and do I want it?

Adobe CEF helper is a manner that renders those additives of the Creative Cloud laptop app. Usually, there are a couple of tactics with this call walking on the lower back give up as we’ve got divided the person interface withinside the specific sections to screen every manner separately.

How do I do away with Adobe CEF?

Open Settings. Select Apps > Apps & features. Select Adobe Creative Cloud. Click at the Uninstall button that appears.

Why is Adobe usually walking withinside the background?

Adobe Desktop Service is the middle of the Creative Cloud apps and continues them walking.

It is chargeable for fetching and processing essential statistics inclusive of the licenses which you have, apps to be had on your subscription, and updates required.

Can I Uninstall Adobe Creative Cloud?

The Creative Cloud laptop app can most effective be uninstalled if all Creative Cloud apps (inclusive of Photoshop, Illustrator, and Premiere Pro) have already been uninstalled from the system.

Can’t uninstall Creative Cloud you continue to have?

If any of the software program fails to uninstall, visit Control Panel and get rid of it from there. Once all Adobe apps are removed, uninstall Adobe CC laptop software program from the Control Panel.

If Adobe CC laptop software program does now no longer uninstall, down load and run Adobe CC uninstaller software program.

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