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Among Us Game is an revolutionary 2D multiplayer sport for PC targeted on cooperative gameplay in a technology fiction environment, in which gamers are tasked to maintain diverse spaceship structures wholesome earlier than the complete deliver breaks into thousand pieces.

However, mechanical faults aren’t the handiest demanding situations that gamers should endure! In each sport, one or extra gamers have honestly been changed via way of means of shape-transferring extraterrestrial beings bent on sabotage and murder.

Among Us Game online

Placing each everyday group and alien impostors in an impossibly a laugh sport of cat and mouse, with accelerated stakes, unpredictable tactics, and a laugh exchanges among gamers.


Built for instant gameplay, a big selection of tactics, numerous victory scenarios, and endless approaches to make every sport absolutely one-of-a-kind from all others, Among Us for PC represents one of the maximum a laugh and smooth to play cooperative reviews launched in beyond few years.

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Among Us sport thru emulators BlueStacks and LDPlayer gives one goal to every a part of the deliver group. The everyday human group is tasked to fill the organization taskbar via way of means of competing preservation obligations all throughout the deliver.

Reacting speedy reacting to impostor sabotages, file any unusual findings, keep emergency meetings, or ejecting the impostors from the deliver. On the alternative hand, alien impostors handiest should kill the group in something manner they manage.

Among Us Game free

Ideally via way of means of ultimate anonymous, blaming a few different crewmember for sabotage or kill, anonymously offing crewmembers while they may be farfar from their friends, and speedy shifting throughout the deliver using the hidden vents.

Since the sport is absolutely targeted on cooperative gameplay, the builders of this app have enabled whole cross-play matchmaking among PC, Android, and iOS game enthusiasts.

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With aid for each nearby LAN and Wi-Fi consumer discovery and on line matchmaking for four to ten participant matches. The visible fashion of the sport is simplistic however nevertheless eye-catching and particular sufficient to offer a big selection of a laugh environments.


Gameplay tactics, and random systemic activities which could wonder the gamers. Customization of the group contributors is constrained to handiest simple in shape caseation and hat design.

imposter Among Us Game

After it arrived at the gaming scene in 2018, this informal survival sport has end up a real hit amongst newbie and younger PC game enthusiasts, allowing them to revel in attractive cooperative gameplay with a wholesome dose of informal deception.

Turmoil, and pleasant competition. The sport has a integrated textual content chat characteristic and deep integration with the Discord app for streamlined voice communication.

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Among Us is an exceedingly light-weight sport, requiring PC game enthusiasts absolute naked minimal of machine necessities inclusive of 1 GB of RAM, any DirectX 10 photo card, and simply 250 MB of to be had garage space.

The sport is optimized to run on all cutting-edge variations of Windows OS beginning with Windows 7 SP1.

Should I down load Among Us?

Among Us on PC is a web multiplayer survival sport that packs plenty of a laugh in its 15-minute gameplay. It capabilities a fantastic format with Among Us characters seeking to kill or vote out different gamers.

The birthday birthday celebration sport additionally presents three maps, an in-sport chat function, and more than one customization options. Therefore, if you’re seeking out a a laugh sport that gives hours of entertainment, you need to down load Among Us to your computer.

Among Us Game 2022 Free Download For Windows

Among Us Game [FAQs]

Is Among Us free in PC?

Since the Among Us sport gives cross-platform aid, you could play the sport out of your Windows 11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7 gadgets or your Android or iOS phone. The latter are to be had free of charge and handiest function a few in-sport purchases.

What become Among Us firstly called?

As a count of fact, the running name become Space Mafia. Space Mafia does a brilliant process describing the sport however Among Us become selected because the name for the suspense and worry it inspires thru gameplay.

Is Among Us sport secure for children?

Should children play Among Us? Among Us is a fascinating and social sport, and it could be a a laugh manner for children to hook up with friends.

The Apple Store indicates Among Us is suitable for children elderly 9 and up, because of rare cartoonish violence and horror themes.

Is Among Us primarily based totally on a real story?

Among Us become stimulated via way of means of the stay birthday birthday celebration sport Mafia, and the technology fiction horror movie The Thing.

What does father or mother angel position do Among Us?

A Guardian Angel is a position bestowed upon a person who dies or receives eliminated. The position as soon as assigned, lets in the stated lifeless crewmate to guard a fellow crewmate from the impostor.

The guard button while used on a crewmate, equips him with an invisible protect for a positive length of time.

Pros & Cons

  • Fun and smooth to play
  • Offers cross-platform aid
  • Comes with simple graphics
  • Features in-sport chat option
  • Finding a healthy takes time

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