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Candy Crush Saga is a extensively famous puzzle recreation. If you’ve by no means performed it earlier than, you’ve likely at the least heard of the sport. The participant controls colorful and colorful sweet portions on a grid.

The goal is to fit at the least 3 of the equal sweet portions in a vertical or horizontal direction. Each time you align them, the ones portions disappear. You earn factors as a result.

game Candy Crush Saga

If you benefit sufficient factors, you increase to new tiers. The problem rises as you pass in addition alongside withinside the Candy Crush Saga recreation.


The largest assignment is the deadlines due to the fact they’ll inspire you to transport quicker and boom your odds of putting a bomb and dropping the sport. Just have staying power and don’t panic with the aid of using the timer.

  • Collect sugar drops to increase alongside the sugar song for unique surprises!
  • Tasty sweet portraits to be able to depart you hungry for greater
  • Helpful magical boosters to assist with hard tiers
  • Complete adventurous tiers and release treats
  • Easy and amusing to play, hard to master
  • Hundreds of candy tiers withinside the Candy Kingdom – greater brought each 2 weeks!
  • Leaderboards to look at your pals and competitors!
  • Easily sync the sport among gadgets and release complete recreation capabilities whilst related to the Internet

Candy Crush Saga facebook

Candy Crush Saga has shiny and colorful portraits for sure. However, they’re not anything unique as compared to the sort of superior portraits you spot in contemporary-day video games like Splatoon 3 for pc.

But when you consider that the sport got here out in 2012, you need to anticipate it to experience a bit outdated.

Most human beings don’t care approximately that, though. It stays extensively famous among human beings all over the world. If you already know pals who play Candy Crush, you could proportion your development with them in your Facebook account.

A candy challenge to maintain you busy for hours

Candy Crush Saga is a super-candy fit-3 recreation. Tiffin and Mr. Toffee want your assist!

How to play Candy Crush

Candy Crush Saga is a puzzle recreation in which brightly colored sweet takes the starring role. Your venture is to hyperlink at the very least 3 candies, vertically or horizontally, in order that they may disappear from the sport grid.

Successfully doing this could assist you to gather factors, if you want to provide you with get admission to to new tiers. It’s a nicely-dependent recreation and the difficultly degree is nicely calibrated, so you will get simply the proper diploma of a assignment.

Don’t get crushed

When you are gambling Candy Crush, it is critical now no longer to get burdened by the point limits. If you do, you are probably to hit a bomb at a critical point, dropping the sport absolutely. Keep cool, and clear up the puzzle earlier than the time runs out!

Sweet portraits

Candy Crush Saga, as you would possibly anticipate, is shiny, colorful and lovable. That stated, we assume the portraits and sound are 2nd-rate – it appears reasonably-priced and gameplay is jumpy and ragged, that is absolutely useless and a actual pity.

Does recognition identical quality?

Candy Crush is an overwhelmingly famous recreation. It’s pretty probably plenty of your pals are gambling and sharing their development on Facebook, so we cannot blame you for trying a go.

Candy Crush Saga free

However, we assume Candy Crush Saga is an entire lot of hype over not anything. The gameplay is clichéd and overdone, the portraits are terrible and the entire recreation appears 2nd rate.

If you are searching out true puzzle video games for Windows or a lovable timewaster, you could do a good deal better.


Candy Crush Saga [FAQ]

Is there an finishing to Candy Crush Saga?

Candy Crush Saga is stated to be a Saga that by no means ends, and with new tiers continuously being brought, it does appear like there may be no lead to sight.

Can I play Candy Crush Saga for unfastened?

Candy Crush Saga is unfastened to play however non-compulsory in-recreation gadgets require charge. You can flip off the charge function with the aid of using disabling in-app purchases to your device’s settings.

Have amusing gambling Candy Crush Saga the sweetest fit three puzzle recreation around!

What is the very best degree in Candy Crush 2022?

What is this? There are presently 10220 tiers in 682 episodes of Candy Crush Saga for the HTML5 version (Android, iOS, Facebook), and in case you are mendacity at the Windows version, then there are 10325 tiers.

Is Candy Crush a ability or luck?

Candy Crush is a recreation of ability. The unique abilities required of the person are fantastically honest in principle, however hard to enforce in practice.

Is Candy Crush pay to win?

Blocks in Candy Crush are speculated to be random, however whilst you are beforehand they drop in this kind of sample as to make you lose, except you pay. Actually it is now no longer Pay to Win, it is Pay to Not Lose.

Pros & Cons

  • Extremely famous
  • Cute portraits
  • Social integration
  • Lots of tiers
  • The recreation has to play very cautiously due to the fact the actions are to small.
  • Now the sport has to attach the Facebook and Google account if the participant hasn’t the account then participant has to play with visitor then the gaming information will now no longer shop in that recreation. That’s a large dis benefit of this recreation.
  • I this recreation there has countless or most no. of tiers in order that’s a completely large hassle for that recreation. So gamers are bored on this recreation.
  • Cliched recreation mechanism
  • Poor quality
  • Confusing in-app purchases
  • That recreation has a few hints to play then the participant learns approximately the hints. By that method participant will increase his or her I. Q.
  • While connecting the Facebook and Google account the participant can recognize his rank of his or her function among his or pals.
  • This recreation is partially video game so there has no grasp or pause of recreation.
  • This recreation has small trash document in order that can’t fill the reminiscence rapidly. For this that recreation isn’t dangerous for mobile.
  • That recreation length is small that each telecellsmartphone helps this recreation.
  • The recreation has true portraits in order that draws participant that’s a very good benefit of this recreation.

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