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Java Development Kit 64-Bit (additionally called JDK) carries the software program and equipment which you want to compile, debug, and run applets and packages which you’ve written the use of the Java programming language.

JDK has as its number one additives a group of programming equipment, consisting of java, jar, and the archive, which applications associated elegance libraries right into a unmarried JAR document.

Java Development Kit 64-bit windows 8.1

This device additionally enables manipulate JAR documents, javadoc the documentation generator, which robotically generates documentation from supply code comments.

JDB the debugger, jps the technique reputation device, which shows technique records for contemporary Java processes, java the elegance document disassembler, and such a lot of different additives.

Java Development Kit 64-bit windows 8

The JDK sixty four-bit additionally comes with a whole Java Runtime Environment, typically referred to as a non-public runtime. It includes a Java Virtual Machine and all the elegance libraries gift withinside the manufacturing surroundings.


In addition to extra libraries best beneficial to builders, and along with the internationalization libraries and the IDL libraries. Download Java Development Kit Offline Installer Setup 64bit for Windows

Contents of the JDK:

1. Development Tools

(In the bin/ subdirectory) Tools and utilities to help you develop, execute, debug, and report packages are written withinside the Java programming language.

2. Runtime Environment

(In the jre/ subdirectory) An implementation of the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) to be used through the JDK. The JRE consists of a Java Virtual Machine (JVM), elegance libraries, and different documents that guide the execution of packages written withinside the Java programming language.

3. Additional Libraries

(In the lib/ subdirectory) Additional elegance libraries and guide documents required through the improvement equipment.

4. Demo Applets and Applications

(In the demo/ subdirectory) Examples, with supply code, of programming for the Java platform. These encompass examples that use Swing and different Java Foundation Classes, and the Java Platform Debugger Architecture.

5. Sample Code

(In the pattern subdirectory) Samples, with supply code, of programming for positive Java API’s.


6. C header Files

(In the encompass/ subdirectory) Header documents that guide native-code programming the use of the Java Native Interface, the JVM Tool Interface, and different capability of the Java platform.

Download Java Development Kit Offline Installer Setup 64bit for Windows

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7. Source Code

(In Java programming language supply documents for all instructions that make up the Java middle API (this is, supply documents for the java., java. and a few org.

Applications, however now no longer for com.sun. applications). This supply code is supplied for informational functions best, to assist builders analyze and use the Java programming language.

These documents do now no longer encompass platform-precise implementation code and can not be used to rebuild the elegance libraries. To extract those documents, use any not unusual place zip application.

Or, you can use the Jar application withinside the JDK’s bin/ directory: jar xvf

8. Compile and run Java apps on sixty four-bit systems

Java Development Kit is the professional improvement package for the Java programming language, specially evolved for sixty four-bit machines.

Programming in any pc language calls for a textual content editor and expertise of syntax, in addition to a clean concept of what’s you are looking to create.

You then want a compiler to run as an interpreter to translate your code into some thing understandable. Java is one of the maximum famous coding languages out there, and Java Development Kit (or JDK) is its professional improvement package.

Java Development Kit 64-bit windows 10 free download

In addition to the Java Virtual Machine this is vital to carry out positive Java-primarily based totally application types, Java Development Kit has a extensive variety of equipment along with java.

The Java byte code compiler, java, disassembler elegance, and jdb, that is a debugger. You’ll locate them in Java Development Kit’s subdirectory bin. Note aleven though that it would not encompass a graphical IDE (like Eclipse), which calls for separate installation.

Java Development Kit 64-bit free download

Unfortunately, when you have little or no or no preceding revel in coding in Java, Java Development Kit is surprisingly complex to analyze with out aid.

Coding beginners may locate this package a chunk over their heads, even though there are a few demos and instance codes supplied withinside the package itself.

If you are a pro Java programmer, Java Development Kit is an in reality vital coding device.


Java Development Kit 64-Bit [FAQs]

Is there Java 64bit?

Java is to be had on Microsoft Windows in sixty four and 32 bit variations, permitting customers to get the perfect model for his or her system. Users may even run each aspect-through-aspect for sixty four bit working systems.

Is Java SE Development Kit needed?

The Java Development Kit (JDK), formally named “Java Platform Standard Edition” or “Java SE “, is wanted for writing and going for walks Java packages.

Is Java 1.eight similar to Java eight?

In short eight is product model quantity and 1.eight is the developer model quantity (or inner model quantity). The product is the same, JDK eight, anyways.

Is JDK 1.eight nevertheless loose?

Just Java SE eight JDK 8u202 and in advance variations are loose for improvement and manufacturing deployment.

Is Java loose again?

Oracle angered the Java-the use of network returned in 2018 whilst it determined to forestall dispensing the Oracle JDK model eleven at no cost and price organizations a rate for industrial use (beginning at $30 consistent with laptop consistent with year, and $three hundred consistent with processor for server deployments).

Pros & Cons

  • Includes demos and examples
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Lots of to be had documentation online
  • Graphical surroundings now no longer included – should be downloaded separately
  • Beginner programmers will locate it hard to use

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