Fixed: Error Event ID 56 Application Popup on Windows. 10 Easy Steps

The Error Event ID 56 is quite a common error that, unfortunately, keeps coming back. Luckily, several fixes will save your PC from a total shutdown. Since the users are encountering this error due to different reasons, we have mentioned ten easy fixes that you can try one by one.

What is Error Event ID 56?

This blunders is regularly followed with the aid of using the whole pc shutting down or a Blue Screen of Death (BSOD). When you get the mistake, you’ll get a notification highlighting the log name, source, occasion ID, level, and description.

The description will inform you that a driving force has back an invalid ID for a selected infant’s tool. Both the driving force’s and the infant’s tool might be noted. For instance, the outline will inform you that the ACPI five driving force is defective.

error event iD 56 For Windows

The file can also additionally seem otherwise in a few variations of Windows, however the driving force and infant tool noted might be the identical.


Unfortunately, this mistake has many causes, which can not be pinpointed from the mistake message alone. The blunders has been suggested on Windows 10 Home, Pro, Server, and Windows 11, amongst others.

1. Update BIOS

Your first intuition need to be to replace the BIOS. An previous BIOS can reason many machine errors, which include this mistake.

  • Identify the version variety of your board. This can commonly be discovered bodily at the motherboard itself. For instance, your motherboard’s make and version can be Z170A Gaming Pro. Also, be aware down any revision numbers.
  • Identify the modern BIOS model with the aid of using urgent the Windows Key + R buttons. This will open the Run prompt. In this, type ‘msinfo32.’
  • A System Information window will open. Select the System Summary choice at the menu at the left and appearance below BIOS Version/Date. Note down the BIOS model and date.
  • Enter the BIOS with the aid of using urgent the important thing noted at the display screen at some stage in startup. Then, input Advanced Mode. Also, plug to your USB to a operating USB port.
  • Here, you’ll discover a application inclusive of ‘EZ Flash’, ‘Q Flash’, or any other flash application. It relies upon at the producer of your motherboard. Click on it.
  • Select the USB force on that you saved your BIOS document from the pop-up display screen.
  • On the subsequent display screen, you’ll see the downloaded BIOS document. Double-click on at the document.
  • On the pop-up prompt, click on on Yes after which Yes again.
  • The BIOS will undergo the replace manner and, upon updating, press Ok at the prompt.
  • Now, your pc will restart. Enter BIOS one extra time and restart the pc.

2. Update Graphic And Video Drivers

  • This is a likely restoration that has labored for plenty people. Updating the image and video drivers can also additionally assist remedy the difficulty.
  • Search for ‘Device Manager’ withinside the seek bar gift at the taskbar. Then click on on Device Manager.
  • You will see a listing of various categories. Click at the arrow subsequent to “Display adapters” to view the images and video cards.
  • Double-click on on certainly considered one among them and visit the Driver tab.
  • Here, click on at the Update Driver button.
  • Select ‘Search mechanically for drivers’ (preferable). Or, when you have driving force documents installed, click on on ‘Browse my pc for drivers.’
  • Wait for the pc to look for driving force updates and set up them if there are any.
  • Do the identical for each images and video card (preferably).

3. Disable C-States And Enable Power Loading

If the above fixes didn’t paintings, then this one might. You’ll want to disable C-states and permit Power Loading.

  • Go to the System Utilities display screen with the aid of using looking for it withinside the Start menu and pick System Configuration.
  • Go to BIOS/Platform Configuration (RBSU) and pick Power and Performance Options.
  • Next, visit the C-State Efficiency Mode choice and pick Disable.
  • Save and pass directly to the subsequent step.
  • Restart your PC and input the BIOS with the aid of using urgent the important thing proven at the start-up display screen.
  • Go to the Power segment and permit the Power Loading choice.

4. Upgrade To Newer Hardware

Sometimes, backward incompatibility among your board and hardware gadgets can be the difficulty. This trouble has been mentioned withinside the Spartech USB PEXUSB3S44V growth card. But it is able to additionally be found in different hardware as well.

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Upgrading to a more modern model of the hardware can also additionally assist remedy the difficulty. The hassle can also additionally arise whilst the hardware’s driving force and firmware are previous. It may additionally appear whilst you set up hardware from older PCs.

5. Manually Update ME Firmware

Another restoration that can remedy the mistake is manually updating the ME firmware.

  • Download the brand new model of Intel ME from the producer of your motherboard’s website.
  • Save the ME zip document withinside the OS folder.
  • Unzip the document and double-click on at the MEUpdateTool.exe application. This will provoke the ME replace.
  • It’s encouraged to shut any walking apps withinside the heritage earlier than intending to replace. Then, click on on Yes at the ME replace device prompt.
  • Once the replace has completed installing, click on at the OK button. This will restart your PC.
  • On the startup display screen, press the important thing noted at the display screen to go into BIOS.
  • Under Advanced Mode withinside the Main Menu, test for the ME FW Version and affirm it’s the brand new one.

6. Disable Unused Audio Devices

Another restoration for the mistake is disabling unused audio gadgets. This restoration will maximum probable paintings whilst you obtain a Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) with different errors.

  • Search for tool supervisor to your Taskbar’s seek field and click on on Device Manager.
  • Click at the arrow subsequent to Audio inputs and outputs.
  • Double-click on at the audio gadgets (audio system or microphones) that you’re now no longer using.
  • Go over to the Driver tab and click on on Disable Device. Click ‘Yes’ at the prompt.
  • The audio tool has now been disabled.

7. Format Windows

Although this answer hasn’t labored for plenty people, it’s nonetheless really well worth a shot earlier than happening to the subsequent fixes. You’ll want to do a sparkling reinstall of anything model of Windows you’re walking.

Here’s the perfect manner to reinstall Windows 10:

  • First, make sure you’ve got got sponsored up all your records to an outside force or the cloud.
  • Then, visit the Update & Security segment and pick Recovery.
  • Find the ‘Reset this PC’ segment and click on “Get started.”
  • Click on ‘Remove Everything’ to make certain that each one records wipe out. Again, make sure you’ve got got your records sponsored up.
  • Follow the stairs to reinstall Windows 10.

8. Get A New PSU

Finally, if all else fails, you could try and update a few key components, inclusive of the PSU. The PSU is the Power Supply Unit and is on occasion the center reason of this mistake. It could assist if you bought it changed with a brand new one.

Or higher yet, purchase one from a unique logo, so that you don’t run into the difficulty again. Your first step need to be to become aware of what’s inflicting the hassle.

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It can be your motherboard, PSU, or chipset. If you can not inform thru experimentation, you would possibly want to ship it to a pc restore store.

9. Replace The Motherboard

In a few cases, the motherboard is defective and desires to be changed. It’s unlikely, however a few inherent problems with precise motherboard fashions can also additionally reason the mistake. In particular, the Z170 board has been suggested to have the Event ID 56 error.

However, different motherboards from the Z collection and different producers also are experiencing this mistake. Go to a restore save or manually try and discover if the motherboard is the difficulty. Then, update it with a unique make and version.

10. Replace The CPU

Sometimes, the CPU also can be a hassle. Some customers have discovered that their Intel Core i5 6600k became defective and needed to be changed. Although CPU defects are rare, they’re now no longer impossible.

Replacing the CPU with a brand new one or one from a unique logo need to be your ultimate resort. And you need to deliver your pc right into a restore save to decide what’s inflicting the hassle.


Error Event ID 56 [FAQs]

What is the event ID for Windows Update?

This event is logged whilst to finish the set up of the subsequent updates, the laptop should be restarted. If updates are to be had however aren’t mechanically downloaded, restart the system.

How do you discover who hooked up Windows updates?

Open a command set off with admin privileges. Type systeminfo.exe and press Enter. Under the Hotfix(s) section, you may locate the listing of Windows updates which you have hooked up for your device.

How do you inform if an Application is hooked up for all users?

Right click on All Programs and click on All Users, and notice if there are icons withinside the Programs folder.

A brief approximation might be to test if it positioned shortcuts in (consumer profile dir.)All Users Start Menu or (consumer profile dir.)All Users Desktop.

How can I see what is putting in on my laptop?

Select Start > Settings > Apps. Apps also can be determined on Start . The maximum used apps are on the pinnacle, accompanied with the aid of using an alphabetical listing.

How can I inform whilst an app changed into hooked up?

Navigate to APPS and pick out the app u need with the aid of using lengthy press. And then hit the Info button on pinnacle proper corner. That’s it , it’ll display u the changed or hooked up time.

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