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McAfee Stinger is a standalone application used to locate and take away unique viruses. It isn’t always an alternative choice to complete anti-virus safety, however a specialized device to help directors and customers whilst coping with an inflamed gadget.

Details on new or more desirable signatures introduced with every Stinger construct are indexed withinside the Readme details. McAfee Stinger makes use of next-era experiment era, such as rootkit scanning, and experiment overall performance optimizations.

McAfee Stinger download Free

It detects and eliminates threats diagnosed below the “Threat List” alternative below the Advanced menu alternatives withinside the Stinger utility. It is a complete offline setup installer of Stinger.


McAfee Stinger now consists of Raptor – a real-time conduct detection era that video display units suspicious hobby on an endpoint. Raptor leverages gadget studying and automatic behavioral-primarily based totally class withinside the cloud to locate zero-day malware in real-time.

Detect and smooth a number of unique virus types

Stinger is a minimalist antivirus utility from McAfee designed to attend to unique threats that is probably lurking for your pc. Don’t make the error of wondering that Stinger is a popular antivirus. It’s now no longer it is extra of an extractor for a listing of over 3,000 viruses unique with the aid of using McAfee.

The listing is viewable from this system interface and, as with every other antivirus, you ought to try to hold Stinger as updated as possible. Stinger could be very basic. Add the trails which you need to experiment and hit the purple Scan Now button.

McAfee Stinger review

The software works fast, summarizing consequences withinside the interface window. By default, Stinger will restore any viruses it unearths, and you could export experiment consequences below the File menu.

McAfee Stinger 32-bit

The Stinger configuration alternatives are confined and pretty advanced – you may be capable of specify what you need this system to do whilst it unearths a virus, in case you need to peer a listing of scanned documents at the interface and an collection of alternatives regarding virus detection.

Stinger isn’t always a user-pleasant software, however then again, it is now no longer advanced on your common user. If you’re experienced, however, you will locate Stinger to be a useful device on your antivirus toolbox.


Stinger low-key, targeted virus detection.

Enhanced detections are the ones which have been changed for this release. Detections are more desirable to cowl new versions, optimize overall performance, and accurate wrong identifications.

McAfee Avert Stinger is a device committed to detecting and getting rid of a sequence of unique viruses that ought to now no longer be used rather for a regular antivirus.

McAfee Stinger for windows xP

It could be very beneficial for confronting the standard threats that circle the net: viruses, worms, and their versions. In particular, the cutting-edge model of McAfee Avert Stinger removes extra than six hundred threats.

From the McAfee Avert Stinger choices panel you could spark off or deactivate the evaluation of strategies and boot sectors with the aid of using deciding on the movement to carry out whilst a danger is found (Inform, Repair, Rename, and Delete).

McAfee Stinger software

The listing of viruses that McAfee Avert Stinger can cast off consists of distinguished names just like the following: W32/Bagel, W32/Blaster, W32/Bugbear, W32/Conifer, W32/My doom, W32/Net sky, W32/Sesser. worm, W32/Sober, W32/Spigot.

Stinger is a short and installation-unfastened standalone device for detecting and getting rid of normal malware and threats, perfect in case your PC is already inflamed.

McAfee Stinger windows 10

While now no longer a substitute for complete fledged antivirus software program, Stinger is up to date a couple of instances every week to encompass detection for more recent Fake Alert versions and normal viruses.


Enhanced detections are the ones which have been changed for this release. Detections are more desirable to cowl new versions, optimize overall performance, and accurate wrong identifications.


McAfee Stinger For Mac [FAQs]

Can McAfee locate malware?

McAfee Virus Removal Service detects and removes viruses, Trojans, adware and different malware without difficulty and fast out of your PC.

It additionally applies protection updates on your running gadget and your protection software program whilst necessary.

What is McAfee Getups?

McAfee Getups is meant for customers who suspect undetected malware on their pc. Getups removes the want for deep technical expertise of pc structures to isolate undetected malware.

What is stand on my own Antivirus?

Standalone antivirus software program is a specialized device designed to locate and take away positive viruses. It is generally known as transportable antivirus software program due to the fact.

It is able to additionally be hooked up on a USB pressure and utilized by directors to run an emergency experiment of an inflamed gadget.

Is McAfee really well worth it 2022?

Overall, McAfee’s antivirus scanner is a few of the very exceptional at the market. If you are seeking out dependable safety towards each recognized and zero-day threats.

McAfee is a genuinely appropriate choice, with ideal malware detection rates, rapid scans, and easy experiment scheduling.

Does McAfee gradual down laptop?

McAfee is probably slowing down your pc due to the fact you’ve got got automated scanning enabled.

Scanning the pc for infections even as you are attempting to do different obligations can be an excessive amount of on your gadget in case you do not have sufficient reminiscence or you’ve got got a gradual processor.

Pros & Cons

  • Free
  • Scans compressed documents and self-extracting executables
  • You cannot update – you ought to reinstall

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