PowerShell 64-Bit Free Download For Windows

PowerShell 64-bit is an automation platform and scripting language for Windows and Windows Server that permits you to simplify the control of your systems.

Unlike different text-primarily based totally shells, PowerShell 64-bit harnesses the electricity of the NET Framework, imparting wealthy items and a huge set of integrated capability for taking manage of your Windows environments.

Download Windows PowerShell 64-bit Offline Installer Setup

The app Desired State Configuration (DSC) is a platform for trying out and making sure the declarative kingdom of a device. DSC permits you to scale complicated deployments throughout environments, allows collaboration of control, and corrects for configuration drift.


The PowerShell 64-bit Integrated Scripting Environment (ISE) is a Windows utility that helps improved utilization of Power Shell for novices and specialists alike. The ISE’s many functions include:

  1. A integrated editor for writing, trying out, and debugging scripts
  2. Full IntelliSense tab completion, syntax highlighting, and context-touchy assist
  3. A myriad of keyboard shortcuts
  4. Support for right-to-left languages
  5. Extensible add-ons

Software Management System for Windows

PowerShell is an automatic and user-pleasant automation platform meant for use inside Windows running devices. Thanks to the employment of the NET Framework, it can provide many extra gear and functions than might be encountered inside a widespread text-primarily based totally shell.

This device may be a outstanding device for application developers, coding specialists and every person who hopes to take gain of superior debugging abilities inside a streamlined package deal.

About Windows PowerShell 64-bit

Why PowerShell? Why Now? PowerShell became designed to do for Windows what the UNIX shells do for UNIX: offer a effective, nicely-incorporated command-line revel in for the operation device.

Unfortunately given that Windows is primarily controlled thru items (WMI, COM and .NET) this required developing a brand new form of shell. So why create it now?

windows PowerShell 64-bit

As Windows movements off the computing device and into server farms or utility servers like print, DNS and LDAP services, command-line automation will become a essential requirement.

PowerShell 64-Bit Free Download For Windows

This refaced covers beginning and the usage of Windows PowerShell, inclusive of the syntax for all statements, operators and different factors of the language.

PowerShell script

Also protected are examples of a way to use .NET, COM, ADSI and WMI items from PowerShell 64-bit. Finally, it consists of guidelines and tricks “quick examples displaying a way to carry out not unusual place duties from PowerShell.

Getting Started with PowerShell

PowerShell is freely to be had thru the Microsoft Windows Update Service packaged as an optionally available replace for Windows XP SP2, Windows Vista and Windows Server 2003.

It is likewise protected with Windows Server 2008 as an optionally available component. Once installed, it could be began out from the Start menu or really with the aid of using running “powershell.exe”. Basic stuff you want to know:

Use the “go out” key-word to go out the shell

  • Ctrl-C will interrupt the modern assignment returning you to the spark off
  • A command may be unfold over more than one traces and the interpreter will spark off for added input. The line continuation person is the back-quote “`” (additionally referred to as the back-tick).
  • To get assist approximately a command you could do “assist command”. The assist command with the aid of using itself will come up with a listing of subjects.
  • The assist command helps wildcards so “assist get” will go back all the instructions that begin with “get-“.
  • You also can get primary assist on a command with the aid of using doing “command Name -?” like “dir. -?”
  • As nicely as camlet assist, there may be a group of popular assist subjects prefixed with “about_”. You can get a listing of those subjects with the aid of using going assist approximately.
PowerShell 64-Bit Free Download

PowerShell 64-bit [FAQs]

What is Windows PowerShell used for?

As a scripting language, PowerShell is normally used for automating the control of systems. It is likewise used to build, test, and set up solutions, frequently in CI/CD environments.

PowerShell is constructed on the . NET Common Language Runtime (CLR).

Why does PowerShell maintain popping up?

If your pc is inflamed with malware, you can be aware that PowerShell maintains acting for your display on every occasion the contamination tries to execute a dangerous script for your pc.

To be sure, you can test your pc the usage of Windows Security or a third-birthday birthday celebration antivirus device.

Is PowerShell identical as CMD?

PowerShell is a extra superior model of cmd. It isn’t always most effective an interface however additionally a scripting language this is used to perform administrative duties extra without difficulty.

Most of the instructions finished on cmd may be run on PowerShell as nicely.

Is PowerShell needed?

Best of all, PowerShell without difficulty offers IT admits with deep visibility and manage over all of these community sources simply with the aid of using typing a line of command-line code.

PowerShell is likewise an vital a part of coping with corporate-huge deployments of Microsoft Office 365.

Can I flip off Windows PowerShell?

It’s feasible to disable PowerShell, and on this guide, we will display 3 strategies to finish this assignment on Windows 10.

On Windows 10, PowerShell is a effective cross-platform device that permits you to run scripts and instructions to extrude device settings, control functions, troubleshoot problems, and automate duties.

Pros & Cons

  • There isn’t anyt any fee to put in the brand new model of PowerShell
  • A integrated editor simplifies the coding process
  • The overall report length of this package deal is pretty large
  • Novice customers can also additionally discover this device complicated to paintings with

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