Fix: Recovery Tab Would Not Open on Windows 10/11. 9 Easy Steps

In this blog article we will show how to fix: recovery tab would not open on Windows 10/11? Some Windows customers document that the Settings app crashes and closes after they get right of entry.

To the Settings menu and click on on System> Recovery alternatives. Upon repeating this action, the identical type of conduct reoccurs. This trouble appears to most effective arise on Windows eleven and Windows 10.

After we’ve seemed into this trouble thoroughly, we found out that there are numerous one-of-a-kind underlying reasons of why you would possibly enjoy this sort of trouble. Here’s a listing of capacity culprits which you need to be aware about while troubleshooting this trouble:

1. Broken Recovery GUI

If the Recovery crashes because of a graphical manage detail this is unbiased of the capability of this Windows feature, you is probably capable of keep away from the crash absolutely through booting at once into the recuperation menu and resetting your PC through a cloud down load.

2. Missing Windows hotfix

As it turns out, Microsoft has launched numerous one-of-a-kind hotfixes aimed toward addressing this multi-model computer virus that happens on each Windows 10 and Windows eleven. Before attempting something else, you need to make sure that your Windows model (10 or eleven) is up to date to the trendy model to be had.


3. Recent system alternate

A latest system alternate inclusive of a motive force set up, an replace, or an AV experiment would possibly turn out to be not directly inflicting an trouble with the Recovery menu.

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In this case, you could revert the adjustments the use of a gadget repair and a picture to revert your PC to a nation in which this trouble turned into now no longer going on.

4. System record corruption

Depending for your circumstances, this precise trouble also can arise because of corruption affecting your PC’s cappotential to provoke recuperation actions.

In this case, you could try to restoration the trouble through walking SFC and DISM scans in brief succession or through acting a smooth set up or restore set up.

5. Failing garage sectors

Run a CHKDSK experiment for your conventional (HDD) power in case you’re nonetheless the use of one to look whether or not this conduct is connected to a failing disk area this is beginning to die.

The corrupted sectors will get replaced with unused equivalents following this sort of experiment.

6. Corrupted Windows account

One of the number one reasons of this chronic trouble may be corruption impacting the Windows profile. If this example applies, organizing a brand new Windows account need to clear up the trouble.

7. Corrupted Settings app

There’s an amazing probability that the difficulty influences the app’s entire GUI framework in case you’re having same crashing troubles with every other Settings tab (other than the Recovery web page).

8. third birthday birthday celebration interference

Several transferring portions would possibly turn out to be inflicting the Recovery element to malfunction. You need to boot in Safe Mode and strive launching the provider yet again to cast off third-birthday birthday celebration software program or provider.

Interference out of your listing of capacity offenders. You are coping with a few third-birthday birthday celebration have an effect on if the error doesn’t arise again.


Now that we protected each capacity state of affairs why you would possibly enjoy this trouble let’s cross over a chain of established fixes that different affected customers have efficiently used to get to the lowest of this trouble.

1. Reset this PC through cloud download

You can be capable of keep away from the crash absolutely through booting at once into the recuperation menu and resetting your pc via a cloud down load if the recovery tab would not open on Windows software crashes.

Because of a graphical manage detail unrelated to this Windows feature’s capability. In this state of affairs, you’ll be capable of keep away from the crash.

Note: This technique includes forcing your Windows 10 or eleven pc in addition at once into the recuperation menu. This manner, you could stay clear of a state of affairs in which the Recovery menu crashes earlier than you get the danger to do something.

Recovery Tab Would Not Open on Windows 10

Remember that this technique will most effective be powerful in situations in which the Recovery element isn’t suffering from corruption.

To pressure your PC in addition at once into the recuperation menu and install the recuperation process from a cloud down load, observe the commands under:

  • Press the Windows key to deliver up the Start menu.
  • Next, press and maintain the Shift key and click on at the energy icon from the Start icon.
  • Click on Restart yet again on the affirmation set off and wait till your PC boots at once into the recuperation menu.
  • Once your PC boots within the recuperation menu, click on on Advanced Options from the listing of alternatives and Troubleshoot from the context menu that simply appeared.
  • Once you’re ultimately within the Troubleshoot menu, pick Reset this PC, then choose Download Cloud whilst you are caused to pick one from the one-of-a-kind recuperation alternatives.
  • Complete the recuperation operation and notice in case you are allowed to apply this application with out it crashing.

If the identical crashing trouble reoccurs whilst you boot at once into the recuperation menu, flow right all the way down to the subsequent technique under.

2. Install each pending replace

As it turns out, Microsoft has posted quite a few hotfixes to clear up this multi-model fault that manifests itself on Windows 10 and eleven.


Before you strive something greater, you want to make certain that the Windows model you’re the use of (both 10 or eleven) has been up to date to the maximum latest model this is presently to be had.

Because Microsoft has these days dispatched some updates to lessen the probability of troubles of this nature, that is the capacity answer you need to look into subsequent.

Recovery Tab Would Not Open on Windows 11

Accessing the Windows Update element and confirming which you are running at the maximum latest construct to be had in your model of Windows eleven is step one in fixing this trouble, which may be performed through clicking here.

To save you a crash from going on at the same time as getting into the Recovery menu, observe those steps to put in the maximum latest to be had construct of Windows eleven the use of Windows Update:

  • To release the Run conversation container, press the Windows key + the R key simultaneously.
  • In the subsequent step, withinside the textual content container, write “ms-settings:windowsupdate” after which hit the Enter key to get right of entry to the Windows Update tab withinside the Settings utility.
  • After that, continue to the location at the proper and click on the button categorized Check for Updates.
  • After downloading the replace regionally, click on the Install Now button to start putting in it regionally.
  • After the whole thing else, restart your pc and test to look if the difficulty persists.

If you’re nonetheless experiencing the identical trouble at the same time as trying to get right of entry to the Recovery menu, visit the likely answer indexed in addition down this web page.

3. Deploy SFC and DISM Scans

You will also be experiencing this trouble because of corruption that influences the Recovery element (both at once or not directly).

The subsequent step in resolving this trouble is to run brief successions of SFC (System File Checker), and DISM (Deployment Image Servicing and Management) scans.

Note: Even aleven though SFC and DISM are particularly comparable, we recommend walking each scans quickly, one after the different, to growth your probabilities of solving the corrupted gadget documents. Even if the 2 scans are similar in a few ways, this need to nonetheless be performed.

If this condition applies, you need to begin with a simple SFC experiment.

Necessary: This device features absolutely regionally and does now no longer require you to be actively linked to the net to apply it. The CMD window need to now no longer be closed after this process begins off evolved, even supposing the application appears to have stopped responding and frozen.


Wait till the procedure is whole earlier than interfering due to the fact doing so would possibly motive logical mistakes for your HDD or SSD.

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Restart your pc while the SFC experiment has been completed, and after the system has began out again, test to look if the difficulty has been constant.

If you can not set up the pending cumulative replace(s), perform a DISM experiment and whole the procedure through following the on-display screen commands. This may be your very last fallback in case you can not set up the replace.

Recovery Tab Would Not Open on Windows 10

Noting that DISM makes use of a element of Windows Update to retrieve wholesome copies of corrupted gadget documents to update such documents, that is an vital difference among DISM and SFC.

As a result, you need to make certain which you have get right of entry to to a strong net connection earlier than beginning this procedure. You will want to restart your pc yet again to decide if the trouble has been constant as soon as the DISM experiment has been efficiently completed.

If the trouble nonetheless persists, observe the following technique under to install a CHKDSK experiment.

4. Perform a CHKDSK experiment

Run a CHKDSK experiment to look whether or not this conduct is hooked up to a failing disk area this is simply beginning to fail in case you’re nonetheless the use of a conventional (HDD) power. The corrupted sectors will get replaced with unused equivalents following this sort of experiment.

According to many customers who’ve encountered this trouble, this trouble may stand up if the HDD or SSD this is now housing your OS set up begins offevolved to malfunction.

This state of affairs can without problems be established, and you could even increase your garage hardware’s lifestyles through acting a CHKDSK experiment this could successfully update broken garage sectors with wholesome ones (for some greater months).


Running a Check Disk Scan will assist you increase the lifestyles of your HDD in this example through changing broken sectors with wholesome ones. Try walking a CHKDSK experiment from an improved CMD set off to rule out this state of affairs.
Widespread Launch of a CHKDSK experiment

Recovery Tab Would Not Open on Windows 11

Note: Fortunately, the integrated CHKDSK utility in Windows can experiment for faults and corruptions and restore any logical mistakes and broken statistics that would were left at the back of through a compelled deletion strive.

Open it in an improved CMD window to supply CHKDSK the permissions required to restore broken documents. The strategies need to feature regardless of what model of Windows you’re the use of.

After the CHKDSK experiment is whole, restart your pc to look whether or not you could now input the Recovery alternative instantly from the Settings menu.

If the difficulty continues, strive the following technique under.

5. Reinstall the Settings app

If you’re experiencing comparable crashing troubles with different Settings tabs (except the Recovery tab), there’s a large danger that the trouble is going on because of an trouble that influences the complete GUI framework of the Settings app.

Several affected customers who also are coping with this trouble have showed that they resolved the difficulty through the use of an improved CMD window to reinstall the Settings app successfully.

Note: This technique is showed to paintings on each Windows 10 and Windows eleven.

Follow the commands under for particular steps on reinstalling the Settings app from an improved CMD window:

  • Press the Windows key + R to open up a Run conversation container.
  • Next, kind ‘cmd’ within the textual content container and press Ctrl + Shift + Enter to open an improved CMD set off with admin get right of entry to.
  • Click Yes to supply admin get right of entry to on the User Account Control (UAC).
  • Once you’re within the improved CMD set off, kind or paste the subsequent command to reinstall the Settings app successfully.

If the identical trouble continues to be going on, flow to the following technique under.

6. Open the Recovery menu from Safe Mode in free

There are numerous transferring factors which have the capacity to motive interference with the recuperation element.

If you want to rule out the opportunity that interference from third-birthday birthday celebration software program or provider is accountable for the difficulty, you need to boot your System in Safe Mode after which try to reopen the provider.

If the difficulty does now no longer reappear, it’s far pretty glaring which you are coping with a few shape of have an effect on from a 3rd birthday birthday celebration.


In this state of affairs, you could attempt to boot into secure Mode with Networking after which begin the faraway computer provider whilst you are fine that there may be no capacity interference inflicting this conduct.

This is the process to observe:
  • To choose out Restart at the same time as conserving down the Shift key, hit the Windows key to open the Start menu (at the same time as retaining the Shift key pressed).
  • Your pc will at once get right of entry to the Recovery menu after resuming.
  • When you finally get to the recuperation alternative, choose Troubleshoot from the drop-down menu.
  • Select Startup Settings from the drop-down menu withinside the Advanced Options menu.
  • Press F5 to begin your pc in Safe Mode with Networking on the following web page.
  • Wait till your PC boots in secure Mode, then see if you could open the Recovery web page.

Move directly to the approach this is indexed under if the identical kind of trouble continues to be present.

7. Create a brand new Windows account

It has come to our interest that one of the viable reasons of this trouble is corruption, which originates from inside your Windows profile.

Users who have been experiencing this trouble at the same time as trying to open a local Windows app have suggested that the difficulty turned into constant after they switched to a nearby Microsoft account. This turned into demonstrated through those customers.

Note that using this technique will in the end bring about deleting any tainted dependencies presently related to your lively consumer profile.

Create a brand new nearby consumer account in your Windows set up through following the commands under, after which log in with that account each time you begin a local Windows utility:

  • First, click on Windows key + R to go into the run conversation container.
  • To input the Family & different humans web page of the Settings app, kind “ms-settings:otherusers” into the textual content container that simply opened and hit Enter.
  • Click on Add a person else to this PC below the Other consumer’s tab of the Family & different customers web page through scrolling down.
  • To set up a nearby account, pick “I don’t have this person’s sign-in information” from the subsequent selection.
  • Sign in the use of your Microsoft account on the following web page, then choose Add a consumer with out a Microsoft account.
  • Create a username, password, and a hard and fast of safety questions for the brand new account.
  • After that, restart your pc and log withinside the following time it begins off evolved up the use of the newly installed account.

Launch the Recovery element and notice what takes place to look if the difficulty has been constant. Continue to the following capacity answer under if the difficulty continues to be now no longer resolved.

8. Restore to a wholesome picture

It is vital to don’t forget that a latest alternate to the pc, inclusive of the set up of drivers, the updating of software program, or the walking of an antivirus test, may also have inadvertently prompted an trouble with the Recovery menu.

The hassle with those troubles is that maximum of the time, there may be no manner to pick out which one is inflicting the trouble.

If that is the case, the best approach to restoration the difficulty handy is to apply the System Restore software program for your pc to go back it to some extent in time while the difficulty turned into now no longer going on. This will can help you restoration the difficulty.

It is critical to be aware that every one cutting-edge variations of Windows, which includes Windows eleven, consist of a placing that robotically creates and shops clean recuperation snapshots regularly (at some point of vital gadget events).

You need to have masses of System Restore factors from which to choose out and enforce this process for your very own pc, supplied that you haven’t changed the default conduct in any manner (or that a 3rd birthday birthday celebration has now no longer performed so for you).

IMPORTANT: However, earlier than you get began out with the stairs under, it’s far vital to recognize that when this procedure, each alternate which you made for your System because that repair picture turned into created may be lost.


This is vital to realize as it will save you you from making any errors at the same time as you’re making the recuperation. This will have an effect on any games, programs, and different gadget updates which can were set up at some point of that time. This consists of any and all updates.

If you’re organized to apply System Restore, then the subsequent is a easy coaching on the way to use it to repair your system returned to a wholesome situation while this trouble turned into now no longer going on:

  • To release the Run conversation container, press the Windows key + R simultaneously.
  • After that, release the System Restore menu through typing “rstrui” and urgent the Enter key.
  • When you’ve got got navigated past the primary display screen that looks whilst you choose System Restore, choose the Next choice to visit the following menu.
  • The following step is to start through marking the related container.
  • From the display screen that follows, continue through checking the dates of every saved repair factor. Choose a repair factor that turned into created earlier than the arrival of this trouble.
  • Once you’ve got got ensured that the proper recuperation factor is selected, visit the remaining alternative through clicking the Next button.
  • The capability of the application is now absolutely operational at this stage. After clicking the Finish button, you may want to look forward to the process to start.
  • When your private pc has completed booting up, strive getting into the recuperation menu all over again to look whether or not or now no longer the difficulty has been resolved.

If the difficulty continues to be experienced, continue to the following viable answer in addition down the web page.

9. Perform a Clean set up or Repair Install

If you could nonetheless now no longer get right of entry to the Recovery menu via the GUI menu, the very last aspect you need to test for is an underlying gadget corruption trouble that can not be resolved via conventional methods (with DISM and SFC scans).

It has been referred to that different clients who’ve had the identical trouble have efficiently resolved it through doing both an in-area restore (restore set up) or a smooth set up.

A smooth set up is a greater truthful alternative; nevertheless, the number one disadvantage is that it’s going to now no longer can help you shop your very own statistics, which includes programs, games, and private media (except you returned them out first).


You need to take into account the use of a restore set up approach in case you are attempting to find a approach to save you you from dropping statistics.

The maximum considerable advantage is that you could hold all your very own statistics, which includes programs, games, private media, or even a few consumer settings.

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