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Road Rash 2 is a 1992 racing and vehicular fight sport advanced and posted via way of means of Electronic Arts for the Sega Genesis.

Thrash and bash your manner thru this violent bike racing sport created via way of means of Electronic Arts. Road Rash II joins the SEGA Forever traditional video games collection, a treasure trove of loose SEGA console classics added to existence on cell for the primary time!

Road Rash 2 Download Free

Clear the streets! Electronic Arts’ mash bike racing sport, Road Rash 2, returns in an all-new, souped-up version with new tracks, motorcycles, options, warring parties, and extra importantly, head-to- head movement.


Tired of the same old online game fare and searching out a riding simulation that surely flies? Then tighten your chin strap and take this sport for a spin!

The Need for Speed

Road Rash 2 performs precisely like its predecessor. You manage a high-powered racing motorcycle from a pointy 0.33-person, behind-the-motorcycle perspective. Your handiest controls are the brakes, throttle, and assault buttons.

There are 5 degrees (every with 5 tracks) set in specific components of the United States Hawaii, Alaska, Vermont, Tennessee, and Arizona. Finish withinside the pinnacle 0.33 on every tune and also you increase to the longer, and extra treacherous, higher degrees.

Road Rash 2 Sega

Sound smooth? Not! You face a discipline of 14 different racers, all decided to punch, slap, and kick you off the street in the event that they get the chance. Watch out for nasty gamers wearing spiked bats and chains.

However, in case you time it simply proper, you may grasp away their guns and use them yourself! In addition in your unscrupulous warring parties, risks and limitations threaten to quit your trip permanently.

Road Rash 2 Sega genesis


Regular traffic, oil slicks, gravel patches, rocks, and people barricades are to be expected, however be careful for wandering deer and cows. Hitting a bovine doing a hundred and twenty mph nets you a year’s deliver of purple meat!

  • Release off the small rocks and stones on the edges of the street.
  • Jumping directly nets the maximum distance.
  • Jump over wrecks and fallen bikers.
  • Ride thru a cow and listen it “moo!”

Tearing thru the picturesque countryside “slightly” over the rate restriction is not encouraged, so be in search of squads of smoke’s decided to nab you and your fellow racing enthusiasts.

You can get arrested via way of means of taking too lengthy to get lower back in your motorcycle after a crash or via way of means of smashing right into a police barricade. Get caught, and it is sport over!

  • Hug tight while going into curves.
  • Hit the brakes right now whilst you cross right into a skid.
  • Follow the dotted yellow line for optimum safety. You can without problems swerve left or proper to stay clear of oncoming limitations.
  • It’s OK to punch and ram police bikers! Just do not spill out close to them!
  • Take out warring parties immediately via way of means of bumping them into symptoms and symptoms and automobiles.
  • Don’t Love Thy Neighbor

The one factor that saved the primary Road Rash from achieving “immediate traditional” repute become the shortage of -participant aggressive play.

sega genesis Road Rash 2

Road Rash 2 makes up for that and extra via way of means of presenting amazing – participant, break up-display screen racing, and one-on- one break up-display screen movement with the weapon of your choice. You also can take activates the entire display screen to peer who nets the high-quality time and finish.

Not to worry, the break up-display screen images and sport play are simply as well unique and responsive as the entire display screen. Not handiest are you able to race in opposition to your pal, however you may additionally punch his lighting fixtures out!

The Price Is Right

Winning races nets the prize cash you want to improve your motorcycle into an excellent meaner machine. A entire bevy of motorcycles is to be had for exchange and buy. Ultra Lights, Super Bikes, and Nitrous (3 instructions of motorcycles) gift a trip perfect for a selected energy and strategy.

Ultra Lights are extraordinarily maneuverable however lack in horsepower. Super Bikes are effective however heavier and tough to manage. Finally, Nitrous are big motorcycles with huge horsepower and Nitro bursts that peel the asphalt proper off the surface!

play Road Rash 2 online

Save up for the precise motorcycle it truly is certain to suit your racing fashion. But remember, it is now no longer the horsepower, however the driver!


Since the displays in -participant mode are 50% smaller, the controls are 50% extra responsive. Save up for the proper motorcycle for you rather than blowing your dough on the primary new motorcycle you may get.

Road Hog

Road Rash 2 is a noteworthy development on an already first rate sport. The new tracks, warm sport play, and -participant aggressive play genuinely set this aside from its predecessor.

Sharp images, plus the clean and plausible riding simulation animation warrant an additional appearance. Different hip subject matters for every tune and lots of digitized sound consequences upload to the realism of the racing experience.

If you are searching out a sport that genuinely receives your coronary heart pumping’ and continues you on the brink of your seat each 2d of play, Road Rash 2 is your price price tag to trip!

System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows eight/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP
  • Game modes: Single sport mode

Player controls:

Up, Down, Left, Right – Arrow keys

  1. Start – Enter (Pause, Menu select, Skip intro, Inventory)
  2. “A” Gamepad button – Ctrl (typically Jump or Change weapon)
  3. “B” button – Space (Jump, Fire, Menu select)
  4. “C” button – Left Shift (Item select)

Use the F12 key to toggle mouse capture / launch while the usage of the mouse as a controller.

Game Reviews

Heck yeah, Road Rash 2! This is certainly considered one among my favored video games at the Sega Genesis/Mega Drive and a sport that I spent a amazing deal of time with lower back withinside the day.

It become a company favored I could play with my friends and it might be my favored of the 3 Road Rash video games that have been launched throughout the 16-bit technology and I am very excited to speak approximately it today.

Racing And Fighting Across The USA

The aim of the sport is to be the high-quality biker around. You try this via way of means of going across the USA and taking component in a sequence of unlawful avenue races.

You may be going to 5 specific regions in Road Rash 2 which are, Hawaii, Arizona, Tennessee, Alaska, and Vermont.

You need to win a race in every region and then you development to a extra hard one. It is primary stuff via way of means of latest standards, however it’s miles a huge quantity of a laugh.

Super Slick Style


I love the manner that the sport looks. The 0.33 sport withinside the collection went for a extra “realistic” type of fashion, however with Road Rash 2 they’ve saved it the equal fashion because the first sport.

I guess, you can argue that now no longer a amazing deal has modified here, however I am glad with that. The sport additionally capabilities a quite badass soundtrack this is flawlessly becoming for the racing movement.

The degrees do all type of appearance the equal, however I will now no longer preserve that in opposition to the sport as that is a sport in which you can not surely take your eyes of the street besides or you may crash.

Road Rash 2 games

When you begin your sport, you’re given a small amount of cash that you use to buy a motorcycle. The concept is which you make extra and extra money so you can get a higher motorcycle.

Better motorcycles have a pace increase that you may use and also you in reality need such a motorcycles earlier than later. That is due to the fact when you win a race in every region, you need to do some other set of races and the issue spike is quite excessive her.

Road Rash 2 game genie

The racing is lots of a laugh. As properly as looking out for automobiles and going off the street, you get to combat as properly. I appreciated this and being capable of use chains and golf equipment is lots of a laugh.

You can come off your motorcycle which like in all of the different video games is traumatic as you may cross flying one million miles manner of your motorcycle!

Biking And Fighting With Friends

What surely made this a company favored of mine as a child become the multiplayer. A top buddy of mine and I could play the hell out of this sport lower back withinside the day.

The break up-display screen multiplayer by myself makes this a higher sport than the unique Road Rash! It runs quite rattling properly too, even in case you do handiest have a small little bit of the display screen to make.

I adore Road Rash 2 and going lower back and gambling it once more has simply made me adore it even extra. It has held up thoroughly and primarily else, it’s miles a sport this is simply natural a laugh to play.

Road Rash 2 free download full version pc

While gambling it in your very own goes to be an awesome time. If you may get a pal to have a few break up-display screen a laugh with you you then definitely are in for a actual treat.

Motorcycle racing fanatics rejoice! The lengthy awaited sequel to Road Rash is on its manner to a shop close to you! Road Rash 2 via way of means of Electronic Arts is an eight meg racing excursion de force!

There are many new twists to this ultra-modern access withinside the Road Rash collection. Two gamers can now compete concurrently in opposition to both the laptop or in opposition to every different!

Road Rash 2 playStation

The break up display screen layout permits for smooth viewing via way of means of each racers with out compromising valuable play! Blast thru 5 new guides of thrilling racing movement!

Outlaw racing with out all the rushing tickets? Don’t simply dream it – stay it, with the lengthy-awaited sequel to Road Rash from Electronic Arts!


This sport is filled with new capabilities, such as simultaneous break up-display screen racing for 2 gamers, 5 new guides, and 15 new motorcycles to select from. Throw in some chain-wielding bikers in addition to country soldiers after your license and matters surely get intense!

Road Rash 2 [FAQs]

Is Road Rash 2 gamers?

Road Rash debuted at the Sega Genesis in 1991. The sport takes location in California, on steadily longer -lane roads. The -participant mode permits humans to play alternating.

Can I play Roadrash on line?

You can play Road Rash 2 on line here, in an internet browser for loose!

How do I deployation Roadrash?

Use the Install-Roadrash.exe format
Mount the Road Rash ISO. Run Install-Roadrash.exe and click on on I Agree, withinside the pop-up window. Click on Next and wait till the sport is installed. After the set up is done, open Road Rash.

How many avenue rash video games are there?

Road Rash become observed via way of means of sequels at the Genesis, Road Rash II and Road Rash 3, in addition to similarly spin-offs advanced for later systems inclusive of the PlayStation, Nintendo sixty four and Game Boy Advance.

What does avenue rash appearance like?

The affected region of pores and skin will seem purple, raw, and inflamed. Bleeding is likewise common. Pain and swelling are right now felt and can ultimate for numerous days. It’s now no longer unusual to experience no ache on the private a part of the injured region.

Pros & Cons

  • The sport is awesome!
  • I appreciated getting cash to shop for a brand new motorcycle
  • Getting to apply a sequence is quite badass
  • The sport could be very fast
  • The break up-display screen is awesome!
  • It remains irritating whilst you come off the motorcycle
  • The visuals have now no longer been stepped forward that much

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