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Road Rash is a motorbike racing online game collection through Electronic Arts wherein the participant participates in violent, unlawful road races. The collection commenced at the Sega Genesis/Mega Drive and became launched on diverse different structures over the years.

Road Rash is an progressive fusion of motorbike-racing and fight racing, permitting gamers to take part in unlawful road races in which drivers are preventing towards every different now no longer simplest with velocity however additionally with their fists!

Road Rash video game

Originally debuted on Sega Genesis in 1991, Road Rash arrived on PC in 1996 in which it completed a tremendous success. To make the sport attractive to a cutting-edge audience, the builders from Electronic Arts have positioned the sport into digital California.


Constructing 5 awesome stages in some of California locales (Pacific Coast Highway, San Francisco, Sierra Nevada, and Napa). Enjoy! The principal distinction among Road Rush recreation races and people found in different arcade or sim racers is the presence of hand-to-hand fight.

Road Rash 3D

When close to opponent, gamers can with a push of the button punch them, and with every other button, the aggregate can carry out backhand punch or maybe a leg kick. The recreation additionally functions a big choice of melee guns which includes golf equipment and chains.

To make the races even greater difficult, the tracks are set on public roads with the ordinary presence of vehicle traffics, roadside animals (cows, deer), and trees. To make the sport tough and unpredictable.

Road Rash Android

The participant will should continuously manipulate their stamina meter, who will while depleted motive the motive force to fall to the ground, inflicting the time penalty all through which motive force pickups their motorbike and begins off evolved riding again.

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Bikes actually have a harm meter, which indicates the overall performance stage of the motorbike. Once depleted, the motorbike turns into wrecked and the race is lost.

Road Rash for PC does now no longer have a cinematic single player marketing campaign with story, narration, or characters, however instead, it promotes better problems of play.

motorcycle Road Rash

The gamers are tasked with completing the set of 5 stages, and then the sport switches to ever-growing issue modes which boom tune period and opponent aggressiveness.


After a a success launch of this recreation, the builders at Electronic Arts threw themselves at numerous sequels, permitting the Road Rash franchise to stay to its 6th launch in 2000. The song of the sport (composed through Rob Hubbard and Michael Barlow) additionally acquired tremendous praise.

Main Features

  • Motorbike racing in which the entirety is allowed! Kick and punch your opponent’s as opposed to virtually passing them.
  • Navigate special tracks set in California locales. Narrowly pass over vehicle traffic, wild animals, and trees.
  • Manage your stamina and motorbike harm stages whilst preventing to the victory.
  • One of the maximum famous motorcycle racing video games of the early 1990s.
  • Retro 3-d visuals.
  • Extremely modest device requirements.
  • Requires much less than 5MB of HDD space!
  • 100% FREE!

Free motorbike racing recreation for PC

Road Rash is a unfastened motorbike racing recreation advanced through Electronic Arts. Here, gamers are pitted towards different racers. The purpose is to finish the race with out swerving off the tune.

The simplest issue is, the alternative gamers are allowed to hit you to maintain you out of the race. Of course, you could hit them lower back to cause them to bow out of the competition.

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Road Rash is the PC port of the famous racing recreation in the ’90s with the equal title. With this, do not anticipate practical photographs that video games like Moto offer. The technical components also are outdated.

No want for velocity

Road Rash offers you manipulate of a motorbike racer whose purpose is to turn out to be the pinnacle racer irrespective of what. However, as with video games of the equal genre, you’ll be given a simple motorbike.

You may even get $1,000 to improve your motorcycles with distinct speeds, guidance capabilities, and weights. You can choose to keep them till you earn sufficient for a brand new and higher one. It is likewise really useful to keep your cash considering that you could want it for repairs.

Keep the police officers at bay

What makes Road Rash stick out from its competitions is that it provided an arcade model of racing in which a smooth method isn’t always the manner to win. Instead, heaping punches, whacks, and bashes will lead you on your purpose of victory.

However, it is now no longer all there’s to this recreation. You have greater to remember in case you need to maintain advancing to the following stage.

Classic for a reason

Overall, Road Rash is a racing recreation in contrast to any different. This recreation takes a greater tactical method in its gameplay in preference to velocity.

It additionally makes you remember diverse matters in every session along with terrains, attacks, or even your capabilities. The photographs aren’t on par with comparable video games of today, however it’s far certain amusing for each informal and skilled gamers.


Road Rash Game [FAQs]

Can we download Roadrash in Windows 10?

If you have already got the setup File try and run in compatibility mode or use the setup which has been optimized for home windows 10. I actually have mounted this Roadrash i my home windows 10 system and it’s far running hyperlink charm.

Can you play Roadrash on-line?

You can play Road Rash 2 on-line here, in an internet browser for unfastened!

Can you play Road Rash?

The first Road Rash debuted at the Mega Drive in 1991. The recreation takes location in California, on step by step longer two-lane roads. While the sport has a two-participant mode, it’s far a take-turns device that simplest permits one man or woman to play at a time.

How do you play Road Rash with pals on-line?

Just visit ocean of video games on Chrome and seek up avenue rash. Download the document after which unzip the document, once you do which you must have the setup for the sport and yeah simply use the setup to down load the sport and run it.

Can Roadrash run on Windows 7?

The Road Rash recreation became created lower back in 1998. It isn’t always well suited with a 64-bit device on Windows 7. However, XP Mode became created for enterprise functions and your recreation can also additionally nonetheless now no longer paintings in XP Mode.

Pros & Cons

  • Melee fight on motorcycles
  • Motorcycle upgrades
  • Memorable soundtrack
  • Crude and violent contents
  • Outdated technical components
  • Unimpressive 2D photographs

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