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Sifu game is an motion beat ’em up online game evolved and posted via way of means of French studio Sloclap. Set in contemporary China, gamers manage the kid of a martial arts faculty’s sifu who seeks revenge on the ones accountable for their father’s demise.

Kung Fu-Fashion Combating Recreation

Sifu Game multiplayer is a role-gambling recreation created via way of means of Sloclap. It is a real-to-fight Kung Fu-fashion recreation. Here, you may play as a younger martial arts pupil looking for revenge towards 5 assassins who murdered his family. You will should beat up those bosses—and their henchmen—to perform your revenge.


However, not like different combating video games in which the hero appears immortal, you could die on this recreation. You can come lower back to life, though, however there may be a catch. Your individual will develop vintage every time.

What is Sifu?

Sifu is a follow-as much as Sloclap’s multiplayer combating on-line recreation, Absolver. In a few ways, the sport seems just like the latter. However, while the latter became a PVP recreation, Sifu Game play is one as opposed to many. The recreation revolves round a Kung-Fu pupil on a assignment to avenge the demise of his family.

There might be masses of combating worried here, as you’ll be beating up goons for your manner to the assassin’s hideout. There are 5 assassins that act as bosses, so there might be masses of enemies to conquer up.

Sifu Game Xbox

The recreation is closely stimulated via way of means of Kung-Fu movies, specially Jackie Chan’s. You’d be capable of use your surroundings for your gain. You can climb on ledges, throw objects, or even pick-up makeshift weapons. Sifu makes a specialty of the Pak Mei Kung- Fu fashion, and you may see a few proper actions in the sport.

The fight is hard and enemies can beat you up. However, you maintain a magic pendant that revives you upon demise. The specific twist is that you may age substantially on every occasion. As you come older, you becomes greater skilled and wiser that is typically what Sifu Game download in martial arts are.

Sifu Game PC

Unlike Absolver, Sifu is completely single-player. The recreation is likewise a linear adventure. Your most effective assignment is to conquer up the 5 assassins and their henchmen. Moreover, there might be no flow set customization system.


You can not create mixtures or select from numerous martial artwork styles. The recreation makes use of the Pak Mei Kung-Fu fashion most effective. However, the individual actions will evolve as he will become the grasp.

Become a Kung-Fu Grasp

All in all, Sifu is a recreation that you could play in case you are into Chinese martial arts. The recreation is a fashionable brawler that correctly depicts the herbal fluid motion of vintage Kung-Fu movies. It comes with first rate fight that captures the values and actions of an proper Kung-Fu discipline.

Sifu Game Download For PC

While it does now no longer have a multiplayer alternative, this Kung-Fu recreation will provide you with a real martial arts experience. This product entitles you to down load each the virtual PS4™ model and the virtual PS5™ model of this recreation.

Sifu is the tale of a younger Kung Fu pupil on a course of revenge, looking for the murderers of his family. One towards all, he has no allies, and endless enemies. He has to rely upon his specific mastery of Kung Fu in addition to a mysterious pendant to prevail, and keep his family’s legacy.

On The Course of Vengeance

The hunt on your enemies will take you thru the hidden corners of the city, from the gang-ridden suburbs to the bloodless hallways of the company towers. You have were given one day, and endless enemies for your manner. For each mistake, time might be the fee to pay.

Adaptation is the manner

Careful positioning and smart use of the surroundings for your gain are key for your survival. Use the entirety at your disposal: throw able objects, makeshift weapons, home windows and ledge. The odds are stacked towards you, and you’ll be presented no mercy.

Training by no means ends

Kung Fu is mastery thru practice, a course for each the frame and the mind. Learn out of your errors, unencumber specific skills, and locate the electricity inside your self to grasp the devastating strategies of Pak-Mei Kung-Fu.

The Digital Deluxe version of the sport includes:
● Sifu Digital Original Soundtrack via way of means of Howie Lee
● Sifu Digital Official Art book

If you already very own the PS4™ model of this recreation, you could get the PS5™ virtual model at no more price and also you do now no longer want to buy this product.

Sifu Game PS5

Owners of a PS4™ disc reproduction need to insert it into the PS5™ on every occasion they need to download or play the PS5™ virtual model. PS4™ recreation disc proprietors who purchase the PS5™ Digital Edition disc-loose console will now no longer be capable of get the PS5™ model at no more price.


Sifu Game Free Download [FAQs]

What is a Sifu in martial arts?

Sifu is a Cantonese time period for “teacher” and additionally has the connotation of “father”. It is a name that denotes recognize toward the individual addressed as Sifu. This name is normally used withinside the Chinese martial arts, the equal of the Japanese “Sensei”. Traditionally, as soon as a pupil opened a faculty he have become a Sifu.

How do I grow to be a Sifu?

When do you grow to be a Sifu? The easy solution is you grow to be a Sifu whilst different humans begin calling you a Sifu. A greater valid solution is you grow to be a Sifu whilst your Sifu says you are a Sifu. However, like many factors of Chinese culture, there may be easy answers, after which there may be a deep dive.

How many degrees is Sifu?

For the ones wondering, Sifu has 5 fundamental degrees in order to get thru. You might imagine this isn’t always plenty in any respect however it definitely is as every location has severe enemies, consisting of an enemy of the organization accountable for your father’s demise.

How hard is Sifu?

Sifu is brutally hard, and its 2nd level basically serves as a barrier that forces gamers to grasp its fight. There isn’t any any smooth alternative for those who need to conquer down enemies quick to peer the sport’s tale, and that is some thing that has brought about a chunk of controversy across the indie name.

Is Sifu loose on PS5?

If you already very own the PS4™ model of this recreation, you could get the PS5™ virtual model at no more price and also you do now no longer want to buy this product.

Pros & Cons

  • Authentic Kung-Fu actions
  • Linear campaign
  • Excellent fight
  • Unique individual progression
  • No multiplayer mode
  • No flow set customization alternative

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