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Temple Run 2 online is an infinite walking online game evolved and posted with the aid of using Imani Studios.

A sequel to Temple Run, the sport turned into produced, designed and programmed with the aid of using husband and spouse crew Keith Shepherd and Natalia Lucky nova, with artwork with the aid of using Kirill Tchangov.

Temple run 2 is the following installment on this Endless Runner collection. The maximum a success and famous collection in history (the fist component turned into downloaded extra than a hundred and seventy million instances).

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It carefully follows the authentic format, supplying very comparable recreation mechanics, even as including some of thrilling capabilities.


Among the brand new capabilities located in Temple Run 2 is the creation of latest barriers and power-ups, preserving the participant extra alert to the entirety this is happening round them.

Plus, you may now switch on the power-united states every time you want, including a further strategic detail into the mix.

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Another thrilling improvement in Temple Run 2 is that now every of the various characters you may pick out from has their very own unique skills, which means that you may grasp every of them in turn… as soon as they have got been bought ahead of course.

The pics have additionally been progressed extensively in comparison to the primary installment. Better person representations and extra appealing and textured surroundings are simply a number of the matters which are major at the beginning glance.

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Temple Run 2 is a definitely amusing recreation, wherein you may spend hours and hours jumping, slipping and dodging all the barriers that your courageous protagonists have to conquer of their determined bid to escape.

A run down the reminiscence lane!

Temple Run 2 is already one of the maximum famous walking video games for Android. Following the achievement of its predecessor, Temple Run, the sport comes with masses of capabilities to make an great follow-up.

Like Temple Run recreation download, the sequel calls for you to apply swipe controls to leap, turn, and run, even as exploring a floating temple withinside the jungle.

However, Temple Run 2 recreation doesn’t restrict your person to right-perspective turns. The route you’re taking has rises, dips, and jogs in all directions, making the Android recreation visually attractive and tasty.

Through the temple, as soon as again!


Since its launch in 2011, Temple Run recreation has already been downloaded over a hundred and seventy million instances. As such, it’s one of the maximum a success gaming apps on smartphones.

Available for Android in addition to iOS, the sport has been performed across the world. Imani Studios’ much-predicted sequel to Temple Run turned into currently released, main to excessive expectancies amongst gamers.

Temple Run 2 frozen festival

Within a brief duration of time, it seems set to outperform its predecessor. Temple Run 2 has already garnered over 50 million downloads at the Play Store.

While the sport is loose, the in-app purchases make it a freemium app. With extra capabilities and progressed pics, Temple Run 2 doesn’t disappoint fans, or even seems promising to human beings surprising with the predecessor.

Revamped interface with aesthetic difference

As quickly as you release Temple Run 2, the made over interface and pics are evident. The app belongs to a brand new technology of cell gaming, making the aesthetics appearance extra vibrant.

With numerous color, the rims don’t experience rigid. The identical is proper for gameplay, which brings a chief development to the person’s movements. The enjoy of walking via the temple feels refreshing, and springs with numerous new movements to hold you engaged.

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Temple Run 2 capabilities a few new strategies of transportation, which includes a mine cart segment and zip lines. The diffused adjustments can help you trip rapid and lean thus over underground rails.

Improved gameplay and easy-to-use controls

While the gameplay and interface are refreshing, the important thing development is the degree/world. Although Temple Run continuously modified surroundings, the pics had been flat.

In Temple Run 2, Image Studios has introduced dips, hills, side-winding roads, and numerous different barriers. The person wishes to pass a rail cart, rivers, and run from a monster chasing at rapid velocity withinside the jungle.

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The recreation comes with four characters, which want to be unlocked as you progress. Each person has its very own improve paths and abilities. While you run, there are one of a kind methods to get a bonus over the monster.


Along the route, you’ll discover power-ups, together with the coin-pulling magnet, which appears stimulated from Subway Surfer.

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There’s a protect that makes you invincible, and takes the load of turning and walking to your behalf. Throughout the run, you’ll stumble upon gemstones, which can help you hold to run even after a death.

However, whenever you hold the run after a death, the fee doubles, making it pretty steeply-priced to hold continuing.

In-app purchases to power-up

The ‘Store’ in Temple Run 2 is nearly similar to the predecessor. The participant receives a listing of bonuses, which may be upgraded as much as five instances to acquire a chief benefit.

While gambling the sport, you earn coins, which may be used to pay for upgrades. After accomplishing a selected degree, a few powers are unlocked. Others can simplest be attained while you buy one of a kind characters.

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The default protagonist’s call is Guy Dangerous. There are three different characters you may use. In order to degree up, you want to finish numerous objectives.

Each run has 3 objectives, and also you want to finish all to get new ones. It’s an thrilling manner to hold gamers engaged, one which labored in desire of Temple Run downloads for plenty years.

Downsides of Temple Run 2 Online

While Temple Run 2 recreation unfastened down load is an first-rate preference, there are a few regions that want improvement. The pause button is positioned in a unusual position, thereby affecting gameplay at times.

According to developers, it’s there to offer you with brief get admission to to keep away from unwarranted deaths while you want an emergency pause. But it does have an effect on the general gaming experience.

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While a few gamers accept as true with that the upgraded pictures come at a overall performance cost, with emails, notifications, and incoming texts inflicting Temple Run 2 to lag.

Image Studios become brief to launch an up to date model to restoration the issue. Temple Run 2 recreation down load comes with the modern-day updates.

Temple Run 2 Online game download

Overall, Temple Run 2 down load is a superb preference as a sequel to the well-known predecessor. It does justice to the legacy that become constructed through Temple Run.

New obstacles, precise characters, unique powers, and progressed pictures make Temple Run 2 one of the maximum interactive walking video games amongst phone apps.

Fun, engaging, and higher than before!

With a extra various gaming landscape, upgraded pictures, and attractive gameplay, Temple Run 2 blends flawlessly with the authentic recreation’s easy-get admission to manipulate template. As such, Temple Run 2 is a delight to play.


Whether you’re partial to Temple Run or play this recreation for the primary time, it is going to be a lovely experience. With the pick-n-play convenience, it’s a super preference to fend off your bouts of boredom.

Temple Run 2 Online [FAQs]

Is Temple Run 2 unfastened download?

Temple Run 2 is unfastened, however you’ve got got the choice to shop for extra gem stones thru in-app purchases.

The controls are just like their authentic recreation. Use swipe controls to run, turn, and soar as you discover the temple.

Is there a Temple Run 3?

Temple Run 3’s interesting storyline remains present. A scientist investigates an historic fortress reigned through an immortal monster.

The venture is to defend and wreck individuals who dare to intrude. Do you revel in adrenaline-pumping chases?

Does Temple 2 run quit?

As the sport is an limitless walking recreation, there’s no quit to the temple; the participant performs till the person collides right into a massive obstacle, falls into the water, or is overtaken through the demon monkeys.

Is there a Temple Run 2?

If you are an avid cell gamer, you in all likelihood understand all approximately Temple Run, as it is a front-runner in terms of brief and easy-to-play phone titles (the ridiculous variety of downloads speaks for itself).

So it is rarely a wonder that the limitless runner’s sequel, Temple Run 2, is famous too.

Is Temple Run 2 offline?

Is Temple Run 2 an internet recreation or an offline recreation? You want a web connection to play Temple Run 2 on Poki.

Pros & Cons

  • Interactive and intuitive interface
  • Addictive gameplay
  • Improved outcomes and pictures
  • Easy-to-use controls
  • Fewer characters than the preceding model
  • In-app purchases may be expensive

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