Fixed: Wificx.sys Blue Screen of Death on Windows 10/11

The wificx.sys BSOD is related to the Wi-Fi WDF class extension, which assists customers in writing a driving force for their Wi-Fi gadgets. In this article, we will show how to fix Wificx.sys Blue Screen of Death on Windows 10/11.

The Wificx.sys Blue Screen of Death has lately been inflicting common crashes withinside the gadget, and a few not unusual places brought on at the back of the mistake are corrupt human interface gadgets, previous applicable drivers, corruption mistakes withinside the gadget, and previous BIOS.

Regardless of what is probably inflicting the difficulty for you, we’ve indexed numerous troubleshooting techniques beneath to help you eliminate the hassle for good.

1. Disconnect the Human Interface Devices

Before we pass directly to the gadget-associated solutions, we advise that you disconnect the human interface gadgets from the gadget one at a time and test if that makes any difference.


Human interface gadgets (HIDs) are laptop hardware gadgets that use human enter to offer output, together with the keyboard. In pretty some comparable cases, the mistake turned into brought on because of the sort of gadgets being corrupt.

Wificx.sys Blue Screen of Death on Windows 10

This is why we advise that you disconnect and uninstall those gadgets one at a time. To discover the offender, repeat the movement that precipitated the mistake after putting off every tool.

If the mistake does now no longer seem after uninstalling a selected tool, then that hardware thing is maximumly probable to the offender.

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However, if this approach does now no longer paintings for you, then it’s far more secure to mention that the offender is withinside the gadget. In this case, you may continue with the troubleshooting techniques beneath.

2. Check for Updates

The subsequent aspect you must do is test the gadget for pending updates. If you’re walking a previous gadget, you’re probable to come across mistakes and crashes because of the incompatibility of gadget offerings with the gadget.

In case the Wificx.sys Blue Screen of Death is being due to a previous gadget, then putting in the to-be had updates must restore the hassle.

Here is the way to continue

  • Press the Win + I keys to open Windows Settings.
  • Choose Windows Updates from the left pane, after which click on the Check for updates button withinside the proper aspect of the window.
  • Wait for the gadget to test for updates, after which deplumation all of the pending updates indexed. We suggest putting in each driving force and gadget update.
  • Finally, restart your PC and test if the wificx.sys BSOD seems once more.

3. Run System Scans

If you’ve got confronted troubles like this one before, you would possibly already recognize that numerous integrated Windows troubleshooting utilities can are available in on hand in those situations

In this approach, we are able to be the usage of the System File Checker (SFC) and Deployment Image Servicing and Management (DISM) utilities, which we are able to run via Command Prompt.


Wificx.sys Blue Screen of Death on Windows 11

The SFC device is chargeable for scanning the included gadget documents for ability troubles and resolving them. DISM, on the opposite hand, fixes troubles associated with the Windows gadget picture and is taken into consideration greater effectiveness than the System File Checker.

Follow those steps to continue

  • Type cmd withinside the seek bar and click on Run as administrator to release Command Prompt with administrative privileges.
  • Inside the Command Prompt window, kind the command stated beneath and hit Enter to execute it.
  • Wait for the system to finish after which restart your laptop.
  • Then, open Command Prompt once more by following the stairs above, and execute the DISM command.
  • Now, restart your PC once more and test if the difficulty is resolved.

4. Disable Third-Party Antivirus Programs

If you’re the usage of a third-celebration antivirus solution, then there may be additionally a risk that it’s far interfering with the gadget processes, main to the mistake at hand.

This is a particularly not unusual place with Avast antivirus, so we suggest that you disable or uninstall it, after which test if the mistake seems once more. The identical is going for another third-celebration protection package which you are probably the usage of.

Wificx.sys Blue Screen of Death on Windows

All you want to do is proper-click on the antivirus icon withinside the taskbar and pick out Disable till the following restart. If disabling the safety software fixes the difficulty for you, then you may remember switching to any other carrier to save you this trouble from occurring withinside the future.

5. Reinstall Drivers

As we stated earlier, this Wificx.sys Blue Screen of Death normally pops up while the applicable drivers aren’t functioning properly. In the case of wificx.sys error, the NVIDIA GPU driving force turned into inflicting the hassle, and customers controlled to restore it through reinstalling those drivers from scratch.

We can be the usage of the Display Driver Uninstaller (DDU) to uninstall the GPU driving force on this approach.

Here is what you want to do

  • Boot into Safe Mode because the first step.
  • Once you’re withinside the Safe Mode, deplumation the Display Driver Uninstaller
  • After the report is downloaded, extract it.
  • You must see a 7-zip report after extraction. Double-click on it.
  • It will extract once more after which you may have the uninstaller ready.
  • Right-click on the uninstaller and pick out Run as administrator.
  • In the subsequent dialog, enlarge the dropdown for the Select tool and pick out NVIDIA.
  • Click on Clear and Restart and look ahead to the system to finish.
  • Upon reboot, reinstall the motive force from the manufacturer’s internet site.

Hopefully, you may now no longer face the wificx.sys after reinstalling the motive force.

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6. Update BIOS

The trouble can also arise in case you are the usage of a previous BIOS version. If this is applicable to you, deplumation of the present-day BIOS replaces the restoration of the wificx.sys error.

Follow those steps to continue

  • Type cmd in Windows seek and pick out Run as administrator to release Command Prompt with administrative privileges.
  • Once you’re in the Command Prompt, kind the stated beneath and hit Enter to execute it.
  • Next, notice down the BIOS version.
  • Visit the OEM internet site of your tool and get entry to the download section.
  • Enter your tool information and test for updates.
  • Download the replacement if to be had.
  • Once the report is downloaded, comply with the commands withinside the readme.txt report to extract the downloaded report.

Wificx.sys Blue Screen of Death [FAQs]

Does Windows 11 have Blue Screen of Death?

A Blue Screen of Death isn’t unusual whilst upgrading to Windows eleven. Usually, the mistake might also additionally arise due to compatibility trouble with software or protection software.

However, it is able to additionally occur due to corruption withinside the cutting-edge setup or broken documents withinside the setup media.

What is the purpose of blue display blunders in Windows 11?

Blue display blunders (additionally referred to as prevent blunders) can arise if trouble reasons your tool to close down or restart unexpectedly.

You would possibly see a blue display with a message that your tool bumped into trouble and desires to restart.

How do I run an SFC test in Windows 11?

Windows eleven, Windows 10, and Windows eight or eight.1
On the User Account Control (UAC) activation, click on Yes. In the command activate the window, kind SFC /scan now and press Enter.

System report checker software tests the integrity of Windows device documents and upkeeps them if required. After the system is complete, reboot the laptop.

Can RAM reason blue display?

Also called the “Blue Screen of Death,” its look can symbolize which you have trouble together along with your reminiscence. Even if one stick of RAM reminiscence is faulty, it is able to have an effect on how your laptop performs.

Does BSoD harm your laptop?

Although a BSoD may not harm your hardware, it is able to damage your day. You’re busy running or playing, and unexpectedly the whole thing stops.

You’ll reboot the laptop, then reload the applications and documents you had open, and handiest in spite of everything that gets returned to paintings. And you could do a number of that paintings over.


Once the BIOS is updated, hopefully, the wificx.sys BSOD can be resolved.

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