Fixed WSL Not Working After Upgrading to Windows 11. 6 Easy Steps

In this blog post we will discuss how to fix WSL not working after upgrading to Windows 11? WSL, that’s a Windows Subsystem for Linux, has been now no longer running for customers proper when they improve to Windows Eleven.

According to customers, it crashes whilst they are attempting to release it. We had a check out the problem, and observed that this trouble may be resulting from some of reasons:

1. WSL is disabled

The WSL function must be enabled withinside the Windows capabilities conversation so as to use it. There are instances whilst an replace disables this selection mechanically, inflicting the problem handy to occur.

2. The digital gadget is disabled

Like WSL, the digital gadget function must additionally be enabled withinside the device so as to transfer to any other os in Windows. If this selection is disabled, you could allow it manually to solve the trouble.


3. Corrupt Linux app set up

The set up report of the Linux app (Ubuntu) is probably corrupt or defective, stopping you from the use of WSL. In this example, you could both restore the utility or reinstall it to solve the problem.

4. Malware

Your Windows device can be coping with a corruption mistakes or malware, that’s inflicting positive capabilities and packages to behave up. If this situation is applicable, you could run a malware experiment to perceive the problem and solve it.

5. Faulty replace

In case you commenced going through the mistake after putting in a device replace, then there may be a danger that the defective replace is the culprit.

Fortunately, Windows gives a manner to uninstall the updates, so that you can take away the replace out of your device and notice if that makes any difference.

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WSL Not Working After Upgrading to Windows 11

Now that we recognize approximately the capability reasons in the back of the problem, let’s have a study the troubleshooting strategies that labored for different affected customers.

Hopefully, they may assist you restoration the problem for properly as well. However, earlier than you continue with the strategies, make certain you’re logged in as an administrator withinside the device.


1. Enable WSL in Windows Features

Let’s begin with the best answer in instances of mistakes which includes this one. In the bulk of instances, the customers have been not able to apply WSL due to the fact the function mechanically were given disabled once they upgraded to Windows Eleven.

The answer in this example is easy, as all which you want to do is allow the function again manually.

Here is how you could do that:

  • Launch Windows seek through taskbar, and kind Turn Windows capabilities on or off.
  • Click Open from the listing of alternatives to be had.
  • In the subsequent conversation, find Windows Subsystem for Linux and checkmark the field related to it.
  • Click OK to shop the changes.

Alternatively, you could additionally use Windows PowerShell to make those changes. If the stairs referred to above have now no longer labored for you, then observe those beneath:

  • Type Windows PowerShell withinside the seek location of the taskbar and click on Run as administrator.
  • In the subsequent window, kind the command referred to beneath and click on Enter to execute it.
  • Once the command is executed, restart your PC. Upon reboot, the function must be enabled.

If the function became disabled, then allowing it must restoration the trouble. However, if the function became already enabled, then flow to the subsequent troubleshooting technique beneath.

2. Enable VM in Windows Features

For any of the subsystems to paintings in Windows, the digital gadget to your device must be running properly. Virtual machines are used to run a couple of running structures concurrently at the identical hardware.

If we did now no longer have virtualization, we might want separate bodily devices to run Windows and Linux. If the WSL function became already enabled at the device, then the subsequent element which you want to do is test if VM is enabled.

The steps for this are pretty much like those we indexed above:

  • Type Turn Windows capabilities on or off withinside the seek location of taskbar and click on Open.
  • Now, find Virtual Machine Platform withinside the following conversation and checkmark the checkbox related to it to allow it.
  • While you’re at it, we additionally propose allowing Hyper-V withinside the identical window. Hyper-V enables create a digital surroundings withinside the device.

Once done, near the Windows capabilities conversation and test if you could now use WSL with none problems.

Fixed WSL Not Working After Upgrading to Windows 11. 6 Easy Steps

3. Use the Microsoft Store to Launch WSL in Free

You may now no longer be capable of use WSL due to a brief glitch in the set up utility. In this example, you could strive launching the app from the Microsoft Store in preference to establishing it directly.

This might also additionally sound too easy to paintings however because it labored for numerous different customers, we propose you provide it a shot.

Here is what you want to do:

  • Launch Microsoft Store and head over to the My Library segment withinside the backside left corner.
  • In the listing of apps to be had, search for your Linux distribution app and release it.
  • If you’re nonetheless now no longer capable of release the utility, continue with the subsequent technique beneath.

4. Repair or Reinstall the Linux Distribution App

Your Linux distribution app can be coping with a corrupt mistakes or sincerely is probably outdated, that’s stopping you from the use of it properly.

To test if that is the problem, you could first strive repairing the utility and notice if that makes any difference. If the mistake persists, then you could uninstall the app and reinstall it from scratch. This will restoration any corruption problems in the app that can be inflicting the trouble.

Follow those steps to continue:

  • Press Win + I to open the Settings app.
  • Choose Apps from the left pane
  • Click on Apps & capabilities withinside the proper facet of the window.
  • In the subsequent window, scroll right all the way down to find your Linux distribution app.
  • Click at the 3 dots related to it and pick Advanced alternatives.
  • Next, head over to the Reset segment and click on at the Repair button there.
  • Follow the on-display commands to continue and watch for the movement to be completed.

Once the manner completes, test if you could use WSL now. If now no longer, then observe the stairs beneath to uninstall the utility:

  • Follow steps 1-four again.
  • Click at the 3 dots related to the app and pick Uninstall from the context menu.
  • Follow the on-display commands to continue.

Once the app is uninstalled, reinstall the cutting-edge model after which test if that fixes the trouble.

Fixed WSL Not Working After Upgrading to Windows 11

5. Uninstall Updates

If you commenced encountering the trouble proper after putting in a pending device replace, then there is a superb danger that the replace became defective. It isn’t always unusual for Windows customers to come across problems because of corrupt updates.

The pleasant manner to counter this trouble is with the aid of using uninstalling the replace through Control Panel.

Here is how you could do that:

Type Control Panel in Windows seek and click on Open.
Choose View set up updates.
In the subsequent window, you must see a listing of all of the set up updates in Windows. Right-click on at the difficult one and pick Uninstall.

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6. Run a Malware Scan

Finally, the ultimate technique on our listing is appearing a malware experiment.
Your device can be coping with a pandemic or malware this is inflicting positive additives and capabilities to behave up. In this kind of situation, Windows Defender’s malware experiment is the best answer.

Here is how you could run a entire device experiment for malware the use of Defender:

  • Type Windows Security in Windows seek and click on Open.
  • Choose Virus & danger safety from the left pane.
  • Move to the proper facet of the window, and click on at the Scan alternatives hyperlink.
  • Click on Full Scan > Scan now.
  • Now, watch for the experiment to entire, and as soon as done, strive the use of WSL again.
Fixed WSL Not Working After Upgrading to Windows 11

WSL Not Working After Upgrading [FAQs]

What occurs to WSL whilst upgrading to Windows Eleven?

On Windows Eleven, Microsoft is simplifying the set up manner of the Windows Subsystem for Linux 2 (WSL) to most effective one command to down load and deplumation all of the required additives, along with the digital gadget platform and Linux GUI apps.

In addition, the command additionally installs the cutting-edge Ubuntu distort with the aid of using default.

Why my WSL isn’t always running?

Ensure which you have the Windows Subsystem for Linux enabled, and which you’re the use of Windows Build model 18362 or later.

To allow WSL run this command in a PowerShell set off with admin privileges: Enable-Windows Optional Feature -Online -Feature Name Microsoft-Windows-Subsystem-Linux .

Why is WSL now no longer establishing Windows Eleven?

Sometimes Windows Eleven WSL mistakes might also additionally manifest due to a worm withinside the Linux distribution you set up.

To resolve this issue, you could prelaunch the WSL distribution app from the Microsoft Store

Does Windows Eleven assist WSL?

WSL 2 is to be had on all Desktop SKUs wherein WSL is to be had, along with Windows 10 Home and Windows Eleven Home.

The most modern model of WSL makes use of Hyper-V structure to allow its virtualization. This structure might be to be had withinside the ‘Virtual Machine Platform’ optionally available component.

Does Windows 11 use Linux kernel?

Windows 11 makes use of WSL 2.0, an upgraded model of WSL designed to run a complete Linux kernel in a Hyper-V surroundings.

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